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``Sayy Sine`` is Ying Family Trading Co.,Ltd's product. (Registration No.- 102503341)


Ying Family’s strong expertise at understanding customer needs and mapping them against its wide range of superior products and gives us a comprehensive edge in the marketplace.

A new industrial revolution is underway with the growth of the E-commerce environment Business will change more in the next few years than they have in the previous years. E-procurement playing in vital part in purchasing everything. Ying Family Trading Co., Ltd invested in order to furnish our servicing platform with state-of-the-art software that would enhance all our processes to deliver best service to our clients.

Since it is lunched in September 2007, Ying Family Trading Co., Ltd has offered and continue to offer innovative and value services and commodities into Myanmar.

Ying Family Trading Co., Ltd (Registration No.- 102503341) is one of Shwe Zabu Deik Group of Companies.

SHWE ZABU DEIK Group of Companies

``Success never hits by mere chance; it is the outcome of forces working together.``

Ying Family Trading Co., Ltd

Mission, Vision & Philosophy



Our mission is to generate consistency and bring a wide range of superior products into the Myanmar market.



To achieve this objective, we continue to practice the values that stand at the core of our professional philosophy.



Excellent investment techniques along with the best of personnel in the industry allow us to achieve consistent top quality in all our endeavors.

SHWE ZABU DEIK Group of Companies

CSR Activities

With our core foundation built on valuing all stakeholders and corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and accountability, at Shwe Zabu Deik, we take a proactive stance of making sure our community as a whole is benefiting from our enterprise. In accordance with our corporate social responsibility program, we support and donate funding in education career and community development to have a positive impact and beneficial contribution back to our society.

Career Development Program

Being acknowledged the need of underprivileged adults in rural area of Myanmar who have limited access to a quality education for further career development, we provide career development program to those who would like to work oversea in Japan. We hire Japanese language teachers at our costs, give free Japanese language training, career consultations, and provide financial assistants for people in Myawaddy, Dawei and Kalay Township.

Human Capital Development Activities

We have employee training program for different divisions of SZBD Group. Our training programs ensure that the employees have the opportunity to outgrow their career path with continuous learning and enhance productivity. On the other hand, it also helps in building confidence of our employees who are in the frontline interacting with our valued customers.
CSR- 2

Reforestation of Teak Wood and Mango Trees

We are mindful with our business activities with regard to environment and thus we take our responsibility in replanting teak wood as well as mango trees in Mogok, located in the north of Mandalay. Being a responsible company, we prioritize the sustainability of our environment and biodiversity. We plant enough to mitigate any pollution we might have caused by other business division of us and understand the importance of fostering green environment for our community and our people.

Donation of Garbage Trcuks

In 2014, SZBD Group donated two garbage trucks to Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) with the motive of lessen the contamination and to sustain the clean environment across the city.